Bye Bye Montmatre and Paris, Hello Puimisson in Beziers

Man, have we been busy. We’re sitting at our outdoor table on the roof top deck of our centuries old villa in Puimisson near Beziers in Provence. Surrounded by olive groves and  grape vines, it’s a stark contrast to the bustle of Paris.

Yesterday was a triumph of art galleries, metro rail riding and a bit of kitch Paris shopping. Musee d’Orsey was so much better than the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower put together. No queues and amazing artworks. Van Gogh and Gauguin were highlights for me, Cézanne was pretty inspiring as well. Musee D’Orsay was the original railway station of Paris. It was going to be demmolished in 1970 but was saved at the last minute and turned into an art museum. The building itself is truly beautiful. This was Donna’s favourite.

I had sampled a taste of the art history of Paris now and I couldn’t stop. A Cubist retrospective at the Musee de Moderne Art was next. This was my favourite. There was no queue whatsoever, only a dozen people in the whole gallery.  Early Picasso’s and Braque’s along with Legar and Delaunay works, to name a few. Seeing these up close was unreal.

Off to Musee Montmatre and the Dali Exhibition. Not as good as the previous experiences but interesting.

Then I was about to head off by myself to the climax. The Musee Picasso in the city centre when Donna spotted the the guide book that it is closed until 2013 for renovations. I will have to return at a later date to see that.

Donna, Alison and I headed off to the Troubadore Cafe for our final dinner in Paris. I ordered French Onion Soup for starter and Confit of Duck for main. I couldn’t fault either.

Afterwards we wandered the streets. It was Friday night and the town was a buzz. We stopped at the old piano factory (Le Bateau Lavoir) where Picasso

Les Demoiselles d’Avignon

and Braque had created their first Cubist works, including the famous Les Demoiselles d’Avignon.

It had burnt down in 1970, but  the city has rebuilt it. The renovated building looks nice but the original building was a cold run down dive. Back to our apartment for a parting wine and then we started planning and packing for the next leg down to Provence. There is so much to see and do in Paris but it is tiring (for us oldies) trying to fit so much into a short space of time. Air France from Orly airport to Montpellier airport and then an attempt to direct our rental car to Puimisson.

A few more pics.



Dali’s dripping clock and me outside Mussee d’Orsey.










So here we are then, in Puimisson. This is so nice and so ancient. The streets are very narrow. The buildings are very old. It’s completely un-natural to drive on the right hand side of the road, but I managed with the help of a very patient Donna. We are settling down for the night and we are off to the beach tomorrow. I will post some pics of the outside of the building .  It should be in a museum. So much character.  Very nice inside as well, with all the mod cons including Sky TV and the internet.

Bonsoir then.

Some of the Puimisson village from our balcony on the roof





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4 thoughts on “Bye Bye Montmatre and Paris, Hello Puimisson in Beziers

  1. Leigh Rodgers

    Next time you go to Paris you’ll have to stay longer! Puimisson looks great. You’re very close to Collioure which is worth a visit – great ice-cream and a lot of Matisse and Braque paintings done of there. Figueres, on the way to Barcelona, has the Dali Museum which is amazing. If you head north into the hills, there’s lots of medieval villages and wine tasting! Mind you the beach sounds perfect too!! So exciting! xox

    • Other than the driving on the wrong side of the road and the changing of gears with the wrong hand, it is very relaxing. We have English Sky TV here but we really haven’t actually watched TV for a week. Love it. Yes, a lot to see around here. We will take our time.

  2. Deb and Paul

    Puimisson looks idyllic. I think I will go outside and drink a glass of wine. Salute !

    • It is beautiful. It is very warm. 34 degrees today. But a nice heat. Donna and I love it. Donna has just popped a French Champagne which cost Euro$13 as a spaecial treat.

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