And yes, there’s something you can send back to me, Spanish boots of Spanish leather

Last night we awoke at 2am to someone taking photos with a flash in our bedroom. About every three seconds the room lit up, bright and white.

It was an electrical storm in the distance. There was no sound initially, but as the storm grew closer, the thunder hit as well. I sat on the balcony for about an hour taking it all in. I have never seen a light show like it.

The next morning it was still drizzling and we slept in for the first time on the holiday. The plan was to head into Spain. Hopefully we would leave the precipitation behind. It wasn’t to be. It rained all the way across the border and into Spain.

Pyrenees crossing the border into Spain

We turned off the motorway at Fiqueres, the birth town of Salvador Dali and home to his Musee of Art. Making our way to the city centre, the streets were narrow and very busy.

Figueres Acustica

It turned out that a large music festival was on in town and the queues into the Dali Musee were huge. We had a tasty leisurely lunch and in the meantime the line of people had almost doubled in size. Because of our allergies to queues we decided to leave this experience until our next visit and hit we the local shops instead. And they were actually quite good. A rain shower during our wanderings didn’t dampen our spirits.  As 2pm approached however, most of the shops closed for a siesta. It was time to return to France.








We were back in Puimisson by 4pm and back on the deck with a new Rosé and nibbles. We went for an evening stroll and captured some of the many interesting doorways around the village.

Last day in this area tomorrow. The weather has come good again and we will spend much of the day at a local beach and then off to dinner at a local recommended winery.

Take heed, take heed of the western wind
Take heed of the stormy weather
And yes, there’s something you can send back to me
Spanish boots of Spanish leather. (Bob Dylan)

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6 thoughts on “And yes, there’s something you can send back to me, Spanish boots of Spanish leather

  1. Karen

    Wow you guys are having an awesome time, seeing and doing so much, and living the lifestyle, even getting an amazing electrical storm thrown in!! Look forward to a blog update every morning, Tony aka Anton, you’re not only an artist but writer as well !! Loving the door pictures.

    • Thanks Sis. France is so nice. Awoke to another beautiful day and off to the beach now. Print some of the blog pages or pics at work if you can, to show mother what we are up to. . . tanning time now . . . au revoir. Bro

  2. Leigh Rodgers

    Bad luck about the Dali Museum. The queues aren’t usually so bad there. At least you’ve had a wee taste of Spain. Can’t wait for your posts on the Riviera! xox

    • Loved the town, very different to France. Didn’t get to Barcelona…a trip too far!
      Will find a camper store though, they seem to be in alot of centres. Donna xx

  3. Deb and Paul

    Is that new shoes I see on your feet Donna? Need some shopping details. Is Tom Tom your new best friend? We head down south through the Mc Kenzie country for a wee road trip next week. Just rest and relaxation.Look forward to your next installments from Avignon. Happy Fathers day for Sunday Tony. Croissants in bed no doubt!

    • Haha, no new shoes yet Deb!! But I will fix that soon. This is our last day in Puimisson so we will head to the beach and take in a village on our way. Off to a recommended restaurant in Magalas (a village about 5 minutes away) tonight. The weather in Christchurch looks good, so hopefully Spring is upon you. Enjoy your trip down South.more news to follow from Avignon. Love to all
      Au Revoir
      Donna xxx

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