I must go down to the sea again, to the lonely sea and sky

You must be tiring of our exploits by now, but I will continue as a record of our fun and adventure. If nothing else it seems to make the time last longer. I look back at some of the older posts and reminisce already.

Tony saying goodbye from the window in Avignon

Donna saying goodbye in Avignon


We left Avignon this morning heading for La Ciotat. It’s the next seaport along from Cassis. Its claim to fame is that Pétanque was invented here. It’s less commercialised than Cassis and there are lots of boats.

Upon arrival we headed for the beach. The one we chose was Lumiéres Plage which was controversial last year when it became the first beach in France to be smoke free. A shallow tranquil bay with hot sun and topless bathers of all shapes and ages entertained us until lunch beaconed at 2.30pm. Donna had her first mussel dish while I had a healthy salad.

Lumineres Plage

La Ciotat boats

mmmm Mussels, tasty but not as good as at home!!

Donna relaxing in the Park Suite in La Ciotat

New wine knife


Checking into our accommodation was next. We chose a modern and new apartment complex on the waterfront, the Park Suites. It is nice and new and trendy. Now, at 7pm at night, the sun is shining strongly and it must be close to 30 degrees outside. I have just been for a stroll to buy a wine knife, because there wasn’t one in our unit. Bottles of Rosé were begging to be opened.

Strolling in La Ciotat

The shops here seem very good value. We shall explore further tomorrow.

I won’t bore you more with small talk. I will finish my Rosé and my juicy, sweet, French nectarine and sign off again.


My boat’s come in!!

The local church in La Ciotat

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5 thoughts on “I must go down to the sea again, to the lonely sea and sky

  1. Karen

    No will never tire of hearing about your exploits! Its been brilliant, every morning first thing I do is read your updates, for a moment I feel transported to France. Photos are great, the sea side place looks awesome with all the boat masts standing tall. We had an electrical storm to possibly rival the one you saw, was on the Sept 4th anniversary, nature’s firework display. Yep will print off your posts for Mum, she has seen some at Buds . Love your new shoes Donna.

  2. Yes, it’s pretty nice here. I can’t imagine the cold any more. Vincent sent us a message while he was sitting on the balcony at home with Justin. Golf ball sized hailstones were dropping around him. . . I finally got a couple of postcards away to mother from Arles. There aren’t many La Poste’s around, and when we find one they have always been closed. We sent it priority post so hopefully it beats us home. Take care.

  3. Deb and Dean

    hi ho, ditto we have been loving all the stories and photos! We have surely been transported to France for awhile, only problem is we are all wanting to have a very exciting european holiday now! Have been keeping mum updated each time you post, she loving all the stories. Have a wine for us, and yes Donna they are mighty fine looking fancy shoes! Hope you finding some fancy outfits to go with them..Happy days..!

    • That’s good. The blog’s a record of the trip for us and it’s good you can see what we are up to. We’ve still two weeks to go!! The house next week is up the road from St Tropez and is rather flash. We budgeted more for the last week in France. It’s got a swimming pool which we are looking forward to. I might have mentioned that Johnny Depp has a house in the area as well. Your trip will come. It’s easier once the kids grow up. (Not long to go for you now, 10 or 20 years)

  4. Deb and Paul

    We loved cassis and la ciotat. Try the bouillabaisse. Fontaine de Vaclause also a great visit. You are seeing some great sights on the coast. Little wonder Johnny Depp loves it. Glad to see success with the shopping. Gorgeous shoes. You both look way too relaxed! Keep on loving it x

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