Les Restanques des Lions


Breakfast yummy strawberry tarts!!

Les Restanques des Lion







Not much to report on other than that we have spent most of the last two days beside the pool reading and relaxing. The weather has been perfect, in the 30 degrees each day.


So Johnny Depp owns a villa in Plan de la Tour.  A helicopter has buzzed us each day, ferrying Johnny to his abode I presume. Or otherwise it’s the paparazzi trying to take pics of him or us.

Johnny Depp’s villa in Plan de la Tour

Plan de la Tour roads

We did go for a drive this morning. I googled bike shops in the area and found one 20 km away in Vidauan. The roads here are crazy and narrow. They are only just wide enough for one car, winding through hills and dales. We ventured forth at 10-20kph waiting for a big truck to come around a blind corner. We were passed by cyclists and a herd of cows on our slow crawl to Vidauan (where the Pro Velo bike shop is).



We discovered all the shops were closed. Either it was a public holiday or a very long siesta time. We gave up and returned to Plan de la Tour, only stopping to refill the wine supply.

Working on the tan

Tony in the pool

The pool and the weather cannot be beaten anyway. Lots of relaxing and reading. We are about to have dinner (fillet steak and dauphinoise potatoes with fresh mango) . . . and a Rosé to wash it down.


We will check out Sainte Maxime and its beaches tomorrow, and catch the ferry to St Tropez on Thursday. I must say we are loving it here.



Lovin’ the pool

mmmm strawberrys

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6 thoughts on “Les Restanques des Lions

  1. Bind and Riv

    Tony, you’ve missed your vocaton as a food photogragher! Ariva says he’s pleased you’ve broadened your breakfasts beyond mushrooms and eggs. Obviously you weren’t meant to be shopping this day, relaxing by the pool is the way to go!

  2. Mmmmmm food!!! Yes I haven’t had an egg for weeks. I bought some in Puimisson and made a mushroom omelet, but it didn’t taste the same. There are signs up around villages everywhere, however we have no idea what they say. I imagine it must have been a holiday of some sort. We were saying yesterday how rested and rejuvenated we feel. Take care back there.

  3. Deb and Dean

    wow does the chalet come with a ‘chef’ because that food is looking mighty fine! Just spoke to mum and she said to let you know her parcel arrived today which she was very excited about. Have fun in the sun…

  4. rachel

    Have you seen the gorgeous Johnny???????

  5. No, not yet. The helicopter is still buzzing each day. A local said it has infra-red technology, searching for Johnny’s hotness. Market day in Plan de la Tour tomorrow, I’m sure he will be there. Will let you know. Donna

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