The French Connection

No!!! I don’t want to go!!!


I think I may not leave. The owner of Restanques des Lions (Jilly) may find me in the bushes in two weeks’ time, still soaking up the sun and the lifestyle. I guess I will actually have to return home and to reality soon.


St Tropez famous night club (I’m a bit early)







We ventured into St Tropez (on Tuesday). It was market day and very busy. We didn’t stay long and returned by ferry to Sainte Maxime in time for a tasty lunch in a local café. Donna had salmon and I had a very yummy omelette.

Wednesday was a windy but warm day. We revisited the local Carrefour supermarket to replenish food and wine supplies and headed back home to the pool. It was cloudy and very windy, and we ended up inside reading and having a quiet time.

On the ferry back to Sainte Maxime

Thursday was beautiful. La Plan de la Tour and Sainte Maxime had market days and we visited both. Sainte Maxime is my most favourite town in all of France so far. It is the right combination of historic French seaside town and quaint shops. We made a couple of purchases and headed back to the villa to relax again in perfect conditions (no clouds and warm sun).

Tony and Donna

Allied landing at Sainte Maxime

St Maxime was the landing spot for the allied attack on France (to liberate it from the Germans in WW2). We have seen some buildings in Vidauban that have been preserved in their original state from the Allied invasion. The windows and walls have bullet holes and you can feel the door to door battle that ensued to reclaim France from the Axis forces.



Le Plan de la Tour

Sidi MTB shoes


It is our last full day in France tomorrow. I will miss the place. Rome will be exciting, with the Colosseum and the Vatican. And then Singapore for a couple of days of shopping. I have been looking for bike shops here as I need a new pair of MTB shoes. I haven’t found one to date, so I ordered some new Sidi’s from last night. They should be delivered when I get home. The McLeans Six Hour race waits in October and I’m looking forward to it.

Ah, did I mention the pool.

Final day by the pool. We will make the most of it. We reserved a table at the flashiest restaurant in Plan de la Tour tomorrow night for a superb meal for our last night in France (until we return). Signing off from heaven.


Sainte Maxime

Mmmmm salmon.




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10 thoughts on “The French Connection

  1. Leigh Rodgers

    You guys are looking sickenly tanned, relaxed and happiness filled!

  2. Roger

    You guys have missed some phenomenal weather here and all sorts of cultural events (the daffodils are out, Masterchef has been on tele and other amazing shit). I really feel sorry for you being away from all that. And aren’t you sick of Rose yet!

    • Yes, we’ve been watching the weather on Strangely enough we are not missing the exciting activities in Christchurch, although we did miss the first episode of the “Ridges”. I think we have tried every Rosé from the Côtes de Provence area. Haven’t tired of them yet.

  3. Buds

    No bike shops in France…”Sacre Bleu!” Those sidi’s will look smart when you’re stepping out at Mcleans. Good enough for you to do the Le Mans start….

    • I know. I thought bike shops would be on very corner. The few I have found have only had recreational/commuter bikes. And the pro shop in Vidauban was closed. I might drive back today at some stage. That Le Mans start would ruin my new Sidi’s. Has Glen committed yet?

      • Buds

        Yip, I believe Glen is going to be a neo pro at Skidmark Racing this year, which means more rest time between laps…so faster times are expected….

  4. Deb and Paul

    Loving the pool. Glad you’ve been having such an amazing time . What good places you have chosen. Enjoy your final leg. Rome will be different again. Look forward to the next installments. Didn’t the Red Devils do well! The boys will have started the clean up already. XX

  5. Yes. It’s been the best holiday ever. Rome will be back to sightseeing mode. Donna phoned the boys and told them to start the clean up.

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