Donna and Tony on the bus in Rome

Our last day in Europe is over. We went out to a nice restaurant for dinner, wandered around the last of the shops, and have now returned to our apartment to pack for our flight to Singapore in the morning.

Roman Holiday

Donna at breakfast on the last day









Rome is amazing. We have both loved it. We especially loved the shops, but we are severely limited by the weight restrictions on the Singapore Airlines flights home. Donna has bought a new carry-on bag and has filled it already.

Our front door in the Via Vento building in Rome

Our apartment is between the Quirinal Palace (the presidential residence), the Ministry of Defence, and the Indian Embassy. There are friendly Carbinarri and Polizia  nearby, with machine guns and pistols. I think we are very safe and sound.

Tony at breakfast in Rome

This morning we awoke and ventured outside to quite a different place to the weekend. There were queues of traffic and countless motor scooters racing around. After a compulsory cappuccino and croissant we continued admiring the wonders of the city on the open-top bus for a second day. The weather on the whole trip has been perfect.

Donna at Trevi Fountain. Popular place!!

Feeling a bit tired now. We have to get up early in the morning to go to the airport and wouldn’t want to miss the flight (now there’s an idea!)

Be seeing you soon.

Stammi bene.

The Colesseum

Rome at night

Donna’s mate at the Vatican City. He said he was a Pope?

Vatican City

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8 thoughts on “Ciao

  1. Deb and Dean

    Looks like lots of happy memories . . safe travels, save some energy for that last spending spree!

  2. Leigh Rodgers

    Tony, Did you have a cappucino? Sad that your holiday and your blog is coming to an end! Enjoy Singapore. xox

    • I had grapefruit juice, my new favourite. I’m sad too. All good things come to an end I guess. Already planning the next one though!

  3. Deb and Paul

    Singapore is is the shopping mall Mecca of the world!

  4. Yes. Donna is excited.

  5. Karen

    You guys have had a great trip, have loved following your blog. Rome looks awesome and well your ‘Paradise’ spot just left me speechless! Look forward to hearing more stories and seeing lots more photos. Happy shopping in Singapore and safe trip home 🙂

  6. Just arrived after a 12 hour flight. We’re staying at the Hilton. It’s very nice. I’m out checking out the shopping while Donna is catching up on sleep. Almost home.

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