Heaven is a place on earth

Anton Philippé Fullér

At this moment in France, I am in heaven. We’re sitting on our deck, sipping Rosé, listening to Katie Melua. It’s 6.30 in the evening and it’s 31 degrees with a light breeze blowing. The only fault is that Donna has noticed I have my underwear on backwards. Life could be worse. (pics at a later date)

We have spent half our days taking in the history of the area and half relaxing in the abundant sun. Yesterday we travelled into Beziers city. They have a new mall (Polygone) with three levels of shopping which we spent three hours in. We then headed to Agde, an ancient town by the sea. It has a statue that was found in the bay that dates to 400BC. The city walls (built by the Phoenicians) are around the same age. It is mind blowing to see such things that are so old and ancient. We spent the rest of the day at Cape d’Agde bay, a small inlet with great swimming and a number of topless bathers!

Grapes in Puimisson

We awoke on Tuesday morning (France time) to light rain. I got up at 7am to see grape harvesters furiously picking the 2012 vintage and loading the grapes into huge containers that were uplifted to large trucks. As I had my early morning shower, Donna commented that the local bells were ringing and an anouncement was made on the local loud speakers (in French). I believe this was announcing the beginning of the wine harvest. Very exciting.

We headed off to Carcassonne, a medieval castle town toward the Pyrennean mountains. It was built in the 14th century. We discovered a large fortified city with a commercialised centre (within the walls) full of art centre like shops. We went on a tour of the dungeons highlighting the inquisition and methods of medievel torture. It was disturbing. After a bite to eat we headed home on the local highway. I must say they are good. Speed limit is 130kph with three lanes. We arrived home at 3pm and spent the afternoon on the deck in the sun.

Off to the birth place of Salvador Dali and the Dali museum in Figueres in Spain tomorrow. No doubt spend some time on the beach. The tan is going well. Apparently Spain is good for shoe shopping and Donna is looking forward to that. Take care in Christchurch. I hope it is not too cold over there.


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The Sun in the South


View from a reclined position

Donna pizza for lunch

Valres Plage beach

Valres Plage beach

Mmmmmm Pina Colada

34 degrees

Rental car


Our house

Our street

View from rooftop

View of neighbour through window

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